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130 days ago
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Thomas S The Kieve-Wavus Educator's Conference (KWEC) Wiki is a collaborative research effort in the fields of education and interdisciplinary studies focused on student driven education. This repository of information is co-created, aggregated and shared by the KWEC conference for use by individuals, schools, and organizations. KWEC is a convened by The Bridge Year: A Kieve Wavus Education School.
  • KWEC 14 is scheduled for August 11-15 2014
More information will be released in January 2014!
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Wednesday 7-31-13
Conference Resources
1545 days ago
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  • explore and question the botany, geology, wildlife, history and culture, management of  lands  and ecological connections (Place) in Midcoast Maine by motor vessel,  kayak  and on foot.
Thomas S Process/Products
1545 days ago
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"This process of inscribing, of writing fieldnotes, helps the field  researcher to understand what [he/she] has been observing in the first place  and, thus, enables him to participate in new ways, to hear with greater  acuteness, and to observe with a new lens.”
  • Experience log 
Technology: Evernote Entry, HackPad Entry, Fulcrum App entry, Flickr stream, other
The Experience Log is:
a structured, narrative record of your experience that records the place you are in,the weather, ecosystems, people, and architecture, in a given day. The Log might  include:
  •  orienting information, 
  • a general geospacial description, 
  • interdiciplinary observations (history, sociology, science, quantitative or technological reasoning, 
  • species/other lists, travel, 
  • and important details about each day. 
This log is a careful summary of observations and jottings taken throughout the day and includes text, image, video, sketches and more. This entry could take approx.45-60 minutes to write-up/curate, but can take longer depending on the day of record. It would be ideal to record 1 consecutive day in the conference and one introductory log.
  • Field Notes 
Technology: Evernote, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, other
The role of a Field note entry is to pursue personal questions about a topic, thing or process through observation. Information should be gathered over time (see Evernote jottings example) and then presented in a formal layout similar to the Experience Log. 
An excellent field note allows the reader to see the development of the author’s understanding from their first encounter with the topic, thing, or process, the following observations of the topic, thing, or process, and if possible the testing of hypotheses/design through further observations (and readings). 
Quality questions are almost as important as the answers in a field note. Information generally might include observations about distinguishing features of the concepts, science, practice, technology and trends in student driven education. This Information comes from the daily observations made in notes combined with additional research,and other references.
1546 days ago
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Thomas S
  • Conference Process
  • review student directed PBL and Project Foundry, the software that most easily scaffolds the process well.
  • write a summary of our project in less than a page, often a good paragraph
  • create guiding questions that focus the inquiry and research
  • assess prior knowledge and a clear delineation of knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to carry out the project
  • create a plan to address gaps in prior knowledge and gain needed capacity for completing project
  • define assessment Tools
  • list Resources needed (human, print, technology, personal experience)
  • create timelines, sequence tasks, protocol for assessment.
  • plan for a product to benefit the field of student driven learning
  • Essential Readings
1546 days ago
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Thomas S Programs of Interest to the Confeence
Nancy D
  • @http:www.allianceforpowefullearning.com
Mark Springer and I have created as site in which we attempted to capture key dimensions of learning that is student-driven. As we worked thorugh our ideas, we came to see how hard it can be to describe the nature of such learning in ways that support implementation.
1546 days ago
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Thomas S Conference Twitter Chat #KWEC13  8:00pm
In The first 5 minutes of the chat I hope we can *generate as many questions as possible* on the topic of:
  • "prevailing possibilities' or "promising practices" in
  • curriculum integration (or interdisciplinary studies), 
  • student driven pbl, 
  • field studies (participatory mapping, extended field science, "beyond the add on piece to the curriculum"
  • other Student Driven Learning research,design, or praxis

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