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School Design Hub
Currently, limited resources exist to document, illustrate, and implement liminal or progressive school designs. 
What: A repository to store, refine, and remix school designs. (possibilities: Wiki, shared Evernote collection, shared Google Drive collection, website, hackpad, LinkedIn Group, Slideshare collection, etc. 
1481 days ago
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A Formal presentation of learning that shows a grasp on the theory presented through the creation of an "instructional design" for scaffolding and perpetuating curriculum integration in practice/research. Tools (Keynote, Google Presentation, Document, Narrated Video)
1525 days ago
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Each year, the Bridge Year at Kieve-Wavus will host four Faculty Seminars, consisting of:
  •  Two independent reading and research opportunites with formal presentations, interspersed with small groups discussions. 
Thomas S
  • Two Field Based design seminars that feature tech enabled interdiciplinary field studies, participatory mapping, and thematic project design.  
These programs, attended by Bridge Year faculty and up to 10 others, are intended to excite intense intellectual consideration of research, design and praxis in the field of education. The topics are intended to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and inspire new avenues for research, teaching, and collaboration. Each year, two of the four topics will be dedicated to the examination of a particular text that has influenced thinking and teaching in a variety of fields
  • 2013
Spring Seminar (Warm up!) 
The Bridge Year Faculty Seminar and Research Colloquia : Roberts (2012) Beyond Learning By Doing.
Seminar 1 (August-September)
Attribution: Some pieces of the Bridge Year Faculty Seminar format adapted  from University of Chicago Faculty Seminar Series under fair use guidlines.

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