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Michael McCabe

1548 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael McCabe 1548 days ago
Michael M Radical School Design Hub
Currently, limited resources exist to document, illustrate, and implement radical or progressive school designs. 
I would love to walk away from #KWEC13 with "something" set up where people can place school designs, and articulate comprehensive learning programs. 
For example, what does multi-age learner directed passion driven DIY schooling look like? What are the contraints? What are the community agreements? What does the facilitator/designer/advisor/instructor do?
I have further ideas, but want to hear from the group and see if this resonates with anyone. Ideally, we, as progressive educators, would create at least one comprehensive school design each year or two. These designs will be the building blocks for better schools. 
Why: schools no longer encompass learning and building community to the level they possibly could. A better solution exists. There is nothing harder than running a school. 
How: Through creating thoughtful school designs, and then going the the worked example practice, a framework for setting up new schools can potentially occur. 
What: A respository to store, refine, and remix school designs. (possibilities: Wiki, shared Evernote collection, shared Google Drive collection, website, hackpad, LinkedIn Group, Slideshare collection, etc. 

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