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Currently, limited resources exist to document, illustrate, and implement liminal or progressive school designs. 
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  • Seminar Overview
Drawing on voices from a number of fields, our seminar will collectively address the task of "seeing curriculum integration". Our aim is not so much to provide a cohesive definition of curriculum integration as it is to investigate and adapt the process of going beyond interdiciplinarity for our understanding of The Bridge Year and the ever-evolving curriculums in the 21st Century. Central to our inquiry will be a close reading of Beane (1997) Curriculum Integration: Designing the Core of Democratic Education, discussion and creative expression that adds to the field of education. Outside speakers will address the impact of Curriculum Integration across research, curricular fields of inquiry and in practice.
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The Bridge Year Faculty Seminar is a weekly seminar for Bridge Year Faculty, and KWEC participants both past and future. 
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The Bridge Year Faculty and KWEC  Seminar
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“Now you know these things, but very likely no one else does; and you  know them at the time, but you will not recollect a tithe of them in a  few weeks or months, to say nothing of years. Don’t trust your memory,  it will trip you up; what is clear now will grow obscure; what is found  will be lost. Write down everything while it is fresh in your mind;  write it out in full — time so spent now will be time saved in the end,  when you offer your researches to the discriminating public. Don’t be  satisfied with a dry-as-dust item; clothe a skeleton fact, and breathe  life into it with thoughts that glow; let the paper smell of the woods."
  •                                                             -Coues (Field Ornithology,1874)                                                            
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  • Overview
Field Portfolios are an essential component of the KWEC experience. Each day we will encounter incredible amounts of information in the form of formal discussions and readings, group activities, online/networked communication as well as personal experience. The role of the Field Portfolio is to capture your analysis, synthesis, and reflection of this information and thus build observation skills of your overall learning landscape. Drawing on the Field Notes tradition (Ethnographic and and Natural History Field journaling), specific techniques and types of entries may be suggested however personal and creative alternatives are highly encouraged. Daily use of the field portfolio is a good idea and we suggest entries reflect the themes of the conference. By the end of the conference we hope to weave together some of our portfolios to create a conference resource.

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